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Our Senior Leadership Team
Max Nelen
Founder & CEO
Max is a seasoned entrepreneur with a previous exit of his first company; He worked for multiple years as a consultant for Roland Berger and Rainmaking advising large corporations to innovate within the changing energy market and launch new startups such as Table Pointer and Solar AI.​
Thet Win Naing
Myanmar Country Director
Thet is a business development professional who is inspired to work toward a positive impact on farmers and the society. To do so, he leverages 12+ years’ experience in consumer electronics, direct sales, renewable energy and fin-tech. With a passion for travel, exploration, and meeting people & developing new ideas, Thet believes in the role of intuition in solving life’s and career challenges.​
Soeng Vay
Cambodia Country Director
Soeng is an agronomist with over 15 years’ experience in agribusiness, private sector development, sales & marketing and project management. He brings to Agros his high commitment and contribution to reaching goals and a passion in improving the agriculture sector.​
Arga Wicaksono
Indonesia Country Director
Arga brings over 11 years of diverse expertise in strategic marketing, sales, business development, and digital technology. With a solid background in managing and leading sales teams, market development initiatives, and strategic marketing strategies, he has played a pivotal role in advancing the Indonesian agricultural and agrochemical industry. Arga believes in the transformative power of innovation and is passionate about leveraging digital technology to revolutionize the agricultural landscape in Indonesia.
Dara Ouk
Technology Director
Dara is an experienced tech executive with 10+ years of experience in software development for Canada's leading enterprise solutions providers and telecom giants. He spent the next 8 years serving as a technical advisor to the public/private sectors to oversee 100+ enterprise technology projects across Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam. He is passionate about driving socially and environmentally impactful projects and ventures across Southeast Asia.​
Louise Berthault
Chief of Staff
Louise leverages over 5 years of experience in business development, project management, and strategy consultancy across the Global South. Renowned for her adeptness in forging strategic partnerships, Louise is instrumental in driving growth and fostering sustainable business strategies. Her passion lies in addressing environmental and social issues in a sustainable way through the private sector. ​
Raisa Hosin
Financial Director
Raisa wields over 7 years of extensive experience in finance. With a robust background in financial management, she is recognized for her expertise in navigating complex Indonesian Fin-tech licensing processes and ensuring compliance, as well as her proficiency in debt and equity fundraising activities, all contributing to the sustainable growth and success of Agros. Raisa is passionate about leveraging her financial expertise to drive positive impact and sustainable growth.​
Vincent Angga Gunawan
Product Director
Vincent possesses a decade of hands-on managerial experience in his role. With a background spanning agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and biotech industries in Indonesia and New Zealand, he is recognized for his articulate leadership and ability to rally teams, fostering collaboration and innovation within the organization. Vincent is passionate about revolutionizing agriculture through innovative product development and sustainable practices, aiming to empower farmers and enhance agricultural productivity across Indonesia.​